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Casey Knight has a doctorate in educational leadership and has taught and coached in higher education for thirty seven years. She lives in Southern California with her daughter and their two dogs.


When she isn't writing she enjoys hiking in the California sun or walking along the vast expansive of the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of both settings provides all the solitude and tranquility that inspires and refreshes her spirit.

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Lauren Simon is the wizard in charge of protecting the citizens of Los Angeles from the supernatural denizens of the city. She gets her assignments from the World Council of Wizards. But her latest challenge is personal; her fiancé Traygen is ...
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Dragon Down
For centuries, wizards working for the World Council have protected humanity from the supernatural horrors - living undetected among them. Lauren Simon is the wizard in charge of defending the citizens of Los Angeles. She has a flair for fashio...
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Fang Shway in L.A.

A Peek Into the Life of Casey Knight

book cover for Fang Shway in L.A.

book cover for Fang Shway in L.A.
Dragon Down cover

Dragon Down cover



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