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Cate Rowan has washed laundry in a crocodile-infested African lake, parasailed over Cabo, and swum with dolphins, but her best adventures are her story worlds. Her lush fantasy romances about magic, danger and passion in faraway realms have won more than thirty awards. 

In 2010 she published Kismet's Kiss, a two-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist. The Romance Reviews nominated Kismet's Kiss for Best Fantasy Romance and Best Debut of 2010. Since then she has grown the highly-rated Alaia Chronicles series by two more titles (The Source of Magic and Swords and Scimitars), and she recently published the stand-alone novella Kiss That Frog: A Modern Fairy Tale, a contemporary fantasy/Regency time-travel.
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  When a cursed sword slashed the god Taso, his immortality gushed into the grass along with his blood. He escaped death--barely--by transforming into stone. Centuries later, the aspiring musician Amara stumbles across the stone and inadv...
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Sword and Lute: A Fantasy Romance Novelette (Alaia Chronicles: Legends)
  PRAISE FOR CATE ROWAN'S TALES:   "Definitely an author to watch!" --Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling author "If you love magic and romance, you will love Rowan's books." --The Pen &...
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Flirting with the Fireman: A Romantic Short Story
Welcome to a Frog Prince remix! In this modern retelling of a romantic fairy tale, a cynical Los Angeles artist reluctantly pet-sits for her young niece's frog and discovers magic in the terrarium--in the form of a sexy enchanted prince. ...
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Kiss That Frog: A Modern Fairy Tale (Fantasy Romance Novella)
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Two immortal brothers. One enchanted sword. The lives of well-born twins Kismet and Taso are easy and carefree--endless days of bedding women and fighting battles among the gods--until sorcery drives a wedge between them that slices deeper th...
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Swords and Scimitars: A Fantasy Short Story (Alaia Chronicles)
  When a gorgeous man clasps Jilian Stewart to his chest and yanks her from Scotland into a magical battle, she thinks it must be another of her bizarre dreams. Plagued by unnerving visions of this man, she's sure they're brought ...
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The Source of Magic: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia Chronicles)
In the desert realm of Kad, a deadly epidemic strikes the palace of Sultan Kuramos. Only a magical healer from an enemy land has the skill to save his royal household, but Kuramos never imagined the healer would be a woman.   Healer V...
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Kismet's Kiss: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia Chronicles)

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