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Catherine Elizabeth Johnson

I am the second of nine children and mother of four, grandmother to ten, and great grandmother to one. I enjoy anything creative. i.e,, music, art, , interior design, sketching, fashion design) and reading. When I'm not writing, I enjoy computer games, bowling, tennis, go-carts, roller skating, and most of all dancing.

Presently I have two novels available. Both are contemporary, inspirational, and faith driven. They are sequels with a premise that each life is a gift from God and what is done with it is a gift to Him in return.

Both novels deal with strengthening character in the face of adversity.

The protagonists: Nyima  is a product of the 60s, and Michael is is a product of the 50s.

Although Nyima and Michael meet in the first, novel,  'Born To Return The Gift' , it is Nyima's story. (clinical depression is the focal component, but racism, domestic violence, substance abuse, grief, sex addiction, childhood abuse, forgiveness, and nightmares are elements of the story.) The second, 'End All To Be All' is Michael's story. (Alchohol and drug addiction is the focal component, but grief, forgiveness and his spiritual awakening are elements in the story.)


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