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Born in Greenwich Village, New York City, Catherine Greenfeder is a published romance novelist and a teacher. Her interest in history and the paranormal have led her to write both types of fiction. Sacred Fires came out of her interest in the ancient cultures of Mexico and reincarnation. She's currently writing a YA paranormal, a novella about a werewolf, and a time travel romance. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys travel, yoga, and time with her family and beloved pet Murphy, a Lab retriever mix.

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Seventeen year old Georgina Claythorne's ability to talk to ghosts leads her to discover one haunting the portrait of Eric Toomey, a young Civil War soldier, at her grandmother's antique shop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. The portrait, part ...
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A Kiss Out of Time
    At a young age, Kay Lassiter witnessed her parents’ murder, one made to look like an accident. Kay and her brother survived that accident, but the post traumatic stress robbed her memory and increased her psychic awareness...
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Angels Among Us
  When Casey Mc Conoughy, a magazine news reporter, and Miguel Stephens, a rogue U.S. Customs Bureau agent, unite to uncover the mystery behind a rash of bazaar cult murders connected to the theft of antiquities from Mexico they get more ...
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Sacred Fires
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A Peek Into the Life of Catherine Greenfeder

Author showing off new book covers.

Author showing off new book covers.

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