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Leaving Jody behind, Chase is determined to take the important information to his dead boss’s brother to get his reward. But suspicious events on his journey mean he has to find help…and find out who really murdered his boss. Before they...
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Coming North
When Javier and Glen’s racing teams are thrown into turmoil and their living arrangements become challenging, they struggle to handle their new situations. Javier throws himself into his work, Glen into his social life, but will their actions p...
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Going up the Inside
1870. Sarah Scraghill has been sent away from Maythwaite by her father, to thwart her relationship with Jack, the most reckless of the Marriott brothers. She now lives in London with her rich cousins, the Porters. Jack visits the Porters one day, ...
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Her Errant Necklace
1867. Euphemia Boothby is orphaned at the age of eighteen. With no other guardian, she goes to live with her adopted uncle Tristan and his three sons—Joshua, the intense, scholarly eldest, Jacob the mild, sensual middle one and Jack the hedonis...
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Jewels of Maythwaite Manor
Two bitter racing rivals have fought since their teenage years to beat each other to the championship title. When they are both caught up in a serious accident, however, their plans and conflicts fall apart. Thrown together to make sense of what happ...
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Taking Pole
When down-on-his-luck minder Chase takes on a job for a fading gangster, the job and his charge both turn out to be very different to what he expected. Someone is trying to sabotage the mobster’s business and doesn’t care who they hurt in...
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The Minder
Ambitious teacher Anthony, who is firmly in the closet, works at a very conservative school, carefully living up to expectations in order to further his career.  After drinking too much at a wedding, however, he meets a gorgeous man and can&r...
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Some Other Freedom
916 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw.  In Dark Age Britain, you knew your place and if you didn’t keep to it, you faced the consequences… Hot-blooded Kjartan, accidental hero, has settled down into married life, with a baby ...
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Kjartan the Gentle
915 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw When Danish warrior Bjarni’s impulsive marriage to the English Saehild starts falling apart, they both look for comfort elsewhere. He befriends a slave woman, while his wife falls under the spell of a m...
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Bjarni the Hero
914 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw. Half breed Dane, Ragnar Long Reach, does his best to fit in with his kinfolk, but always feels like an outcast. When he meets the English Aelfwyn, also spurned by her clan, sparks fly and they begin a passio...
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Rayner the Murderer

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