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I have been writing short stories and novels for five years. My favorite genre is psychological thrillers. I have also written: a children’s book, historical fiction and romance. I have returned to my comfort zone; one of chills, thrills and spine tingling spills. I believe that my characters write the book. I sit back and let them tell their tales.

My historic novel, “Trio of Horrors: Three Tales from the Holocaust” has sold over 11,000 copies. It was self-published on Amazon’s Kindle. To date, it is my largest commercial success. The book itself was a labor of love and included twenty years of research.

My romance novels can be found under the pen name Camile Carson. They too include twisting, turning tales along with hot writhing passion.

My latest venture, “Return to the Red Cliff Motel” was recently picked up by Musa Publishing. I am most proud of this short. Returning to my literary roots has revitalized my writing. Keeping the reader on the edge of hysteria is difficult but the results are most satisfying.  

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Dr. Jessica Doran returns to Helipher to attend her sister’s wedding. Staying at the Red Cliff Motel, Jessica encounters a disturbed teenager who will take her on a chaotic ride down the blackness of insanity. Can the doctor save the teen fr...
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Return to the Red Cliff Motel

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