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Cathy Pegau

Cathy is a speculative fiction writer who lives in Alaska with her family, pets, and the occasional black bear wandering through the yard. There are no street signs in her neighborhood, so it's probably easier to find her at her website or blog.


Rulebreaker is her debut novel from Carina Press.

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Deep Deception
Recently out of rehab, Sasha James is determined to keep her head down, complete her parole and never touch amber again. The chip in her neck controls her cravings for the highly addictive drug, but also tracks her every move. Not that she goes an...
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Caught in Amber
Liv Braxton's Felon Rule #1: Don't get emotionally involved. Smash-and-grab thieving doesn't lend itself to getting chummy with the victims, and Liv hasn't met anyone on the mining colony of Nevarro worth knowing, anyway. So i...
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