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Hi! I'm Celia Jade and thanks for dropping by. I write erotic romance, which is very sensual romance. I'm currently published with eXtasy books with two books out and two on the way shortly. There are several manuscripts taking off at the same time and I could very well end up with five more published books before the year's end.

Although I've got a story in just about every genre, I tend to lean toward M/F fantasy, paranormal and historical. My stories always contain elements of things I enjoy and their personality is bold, sexy, passionate, emotional, romantic, humorous, mysterious and sometimes daring. 

I have family roots in the lovely Mediterranean and live in the culturally diverse city of Montreal where I spend time with my family, friends and enjoy long walks, outdoor cafes, reading, little excursions and any kind of trip abroad. I adore chocolate and animals, but especially gray cats. I may have been a cat in a former life.  

I've worked as a proofreader in New York and Toronto and taught English in Europe. I like big cities but I like the peace of the countryside too. I spend lots of time writing, editing and being online with readers and authors. 


Celia Jade

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Celia Jade Jun 19, 2008

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A Note From Celia Jade

I want to inform readers that I post scheduled chats at my blog site. There's a real fun chat this month with a handful of eXtasy authors and prizes! Come by my blog for details here.
Current Releases
Lana is a gifted healer. Her job is to treat angels who have been hurt by rogue Ahkran. Although awed by the winged race, only one angel unsettles her in ways too deliciously wicked for her own good. Julien. Muscle-ripped and fearsome, the chief enfo...
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Wicked Angel
  Lydia Dumais was furious. How could her mentor arrange to have her train with Adrian Court? A sexy vampire with a ruthless streak and a reputation of a womanizer. A vampire whose charcoal eyes had branded her with blatant desire at a ga...
Available Now!
Macy Piers is in debt again. Getting a second job isn’t going to cut it this time. Determined to pay off her credit card bills in one shot, she heads over to Velvet Nights, a nightclub that caters to Tieg clientele and holds date auctions. S...
Available Now!
Escort for a Week
I had a great time writing No Room for Etiquette. It's a short contemporary erotic romance set in Montreal. Madie Lanham is in dire straights and jumps at a job to work as a housekeeper to a successful lawyer. This should have been simple but she def...
Available Now!
No Room for Etiquette
I'd like to say this story has soul. If you enjoy fantasy, sexy warriors, historicals, villains, adventure and steamy romance...check this book out. It's received great reviews and very positive feedback from readers.  Kyla Ayslin is a gladia...
Available Now!
Her Warrior Lord

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