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Charisma Chloe was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and she has lived in New Jersey as well. It was a chance finding of The Bulletproof Trilogy by Brenda Novak that inspired her to write for a living. When she read those books, she enjoyed them so much because of the brilliant writing and wonderful characters created by Mrs. Novak that she had to take a stab at writing herself. She is a writer of erotic romantic suspense and contemporary romance.  With the first book of her career, “Love’s Protector” said and done, she is looking forward to bringing more books to fans worldwide. Charisma is also a cat lover and the lover of Italian food. 



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I write sexy and gritty romantic suspense! Enjoy!

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After a routine visit with her ailing father sparks a conversation causing Amour Graciette to question the reason behind her mother, Carly’s death twenty-seven years ago, she sets out on a quest for answers.  Was it natural causes?...
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Protecting Amour

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