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Charles Mossop was born in Britain in 1944 and moved to Canada with his family in 1952. Returning to Britain in 1959, he completed his secondary education and went to work in the accounting offices of a large manufacturing firm just outside London. He worked there for one year which weas long enough to convince him he did not wish to pursue a career in that line fo work, and he returned to Canada in late 1963 and enroled as a freshman at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He obtained Bacheor and Master degrees at UBC, taught there for one summer session and then in 1970 took up a position as Instructor in Anthropology and Asian Studies at a newly establush community college in Kamloops, British Columbia.

In 1965, Charles was diagnosed with Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy, a genetic disease causing progressive loss of sight from the central vision outwards. With no treatments available, by 1977 he was unable to read normal-sized print and since then has relied on optical and video magnifiers, and since 1990, screen magnification software for computers. Undaunted by his disabi;ity, he remained at the college for thirty years (to the day) rteiring from his position as Executive Director for International Education in 2000.

Always an avid reader of fiction, first using normal books, then large print and now audiobooks, Charles began writing historical fiction when he retired and has since published numerous articles, short stories and a novel (Jade Hunter, Double Dragon Publishing, 2007). His latest novel, The Devil At My Heels, will appear in June, 2011, from MuseItUp Publishing.
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Current Releases
A man is murdered in order to silence his discovery of the solution to an eight-hundred-year-old mystery detailed in a medieval manuscript. The search for the manuscript is taken up by his friend who has to stay a step ahead of the killer as he races...
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The Devil At My Heels
A collection of short stories set in Carpathia, the land of Dracula, edited by Lea Schizas. Charles Mossop's comtribution is titeld Lord Erdley's Curse.
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The Carpathian Shadows Vol. 1
The fast-paced story of a magnificent jade sculpture created in Ming Dynasty China and the joys, sorrows and tragedies it brought to those who owned it down the centuries and those who seek to own it today.
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Jade Hunter
In everyday life we face dilemmas, obstacles and situations where a decision needs to be made. Whether we choose the right or wrong path, only time will tell. In Aleatory, the residents are used to strange occurrences, to newcomers traveling through ...
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Aleatory's Junction
 A collection of articles by successful authors edited by Lea Schizas on many aspects of writing. Charles Mossop's contribution is on the writing of historical fiction and is entitled Worlds Apart.
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The Muse on Writing

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