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Charles T. Whipple was born and raised in Show Low, Arizona. Worked on the family ranch/farm until he went to University. UofH graduate school, East-West Center 1968. Came to work in Japan soon after graduation and spent eight years in marketing and advertising in Japan, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. As a writer, Whipple worked first at Waikiki Beach Press in Honolulu as a reporter. Then moved to Japan to work as a copywriter. Established Inex Japan Ltd. In 1981 to create English corporate literature. Won several international prizes for advertising and corporate brochures. Spent several seasons on NHK Channel 3 as part of its English language programs. Appeared on TBS, TV Asahi, NTV, and others. Wrote 13-week program for JCTV. Published four non-fiction books, including Seeing Japan from Kodansha International. Published five Western novels in the Black Horse Westerns lineup writing as Chuck Tyrell, with two more to come in 2011. The Snake Den, a western novel, from Solstice Publishing published in February 2011. Winner of 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Compeition. One wife, two sons, four daughters, 18 grandchildren.

All the proceeds from A Matter of Tea, a collection of short stories by Whipple available at SmashWords and CreateSpace, will go to help the victims of Japan’s March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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A Note From Charles T. Whipple

One more appeal. My 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition winning story, A Matter of Tea, is part of the anthology by the same name that is available from several sources, including SmashWords and CreateSpace. All the proceeds, both from me and from my publisher, will go to help the victims of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Please help.

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The Prodigal
In A Matter of Tea, his lady demands a special tea bowl from the kamamoto, or he will forfeit his family, his standing, and his kiln. Dare he use the secret clay recipe of his ancestors? The other stories of Japanese legend and culture are The...
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A Matter of Tea
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Vulture Gold
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Hell Fire in Paradise
The notorious Dylan brothers are riding high until they pick a fight with the wrong man, a drifter called Jared Carter, who leaves three of the brothers dead in the street. The youngest remaining brother, Nat Dylan, vows to find Carter and avenge ...
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The Killing Trail
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Guns of Ponderosa
Discover what it’s like to ride with damaged men and sinister night stalkers, tragic doves, plucky homemakers and gun-toting belles. Experience for yourself the harsh reality of birth and death, love and hate, revenge, retribution and robber...
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A Fistful of Legends
Saddle up and enjoy these 14 new tales of hot lead, cold hearts, and more leather-slapping action, adventure, and edge-of-the-seat danger than you could ever hope to find on either side of the Mississippi. The writers within these pages range from...
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Where Legends Ride
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Trail of a Hard Man
Garet and Laura Havelock move to a homestead on Silver Creek, but while Garet is gone, Laura is raped. She runs away and hides. Now Garet must find his wife and kill the man who ravaged her.     Above Arizona’s Mogollon...
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Revenge at Wolf Mountain
A gloriously illustrated introduction to Japan today. Seeing Japan showcases the best of the country today with lavish, full-color photographs and lively text. Introduced here is everything from the natural beauty of the landscape to the...
Available Now!
Seeing Japan

A Peek Into the Life of Charles T. Whipple

Reading from A Matter of Tea. Photo by Tim Newfields

Reading from A Matter of Tea. Photo by Tim Newfields

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