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I am a proud graduate of Florida State University and a huge fan of college football. When not working or watching football, I work on writing projects. My published books are rather eclectic. I publish in whatever genre I feel inspired by at the time. I'm the author of "Creative Mojo: The Brainstormer's Book of Gift Ideas for Anytime,' "Don't Schedule Your Wedding on Game Day," "The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats," "Stella Ducktropolis," and "Poems from a Florida Girl."
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Another eclectic collection of poetry--humor, romance, etc!
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Poems from a Florida Girl
Stella is a crime-fighting duck with a love of fabulous things--bubble baths, pink cars, polka-dot dresses, and crime-fighting!
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Stella Ducktropolis
An eclectic collection of poetry meant to appeal to both the seasoned poetry reader and the person who hasn't read a poem since high school--covers such diverse tops as football, love, and more!  Selected as the Best Poetry Book of 2007 at&nb...
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The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats
This book takes homespun advice and relates to my favorite game-college football. A cute gift for a football fan or a soon-to-be bride!
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Don't Schedule Your Wedding on Game Day
The book is a collection of gift ideas. Each idea has a little list with a cute title, and you can change or adapt the idea to your or your recipient's personal taste.  I used the phrase "creative mojo' in the title to basically mean inspir...
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Creative Mojo: The Brainstormer's Book of Gift Ideas for Anytime

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