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Cheryel Hutton was born in a tiny hospital located above the drugstore where the famous Scopes Trial was hatched and plotted many years before. Cheryel’s childhood was traumatic, filled with painful and terrifying hospital visits and scarce emotional support. To escape the trials and tribulations of her life, she built herself an elaborate fantasy world. Unlike the real world, in this one any danger or pain could be fought and defeated. Eventually Cheryel figured out that other people might like to read her wild imaginings, so she got serious and began writing for publication.

Cheryel is the mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of five (three girls and two boys). She holds a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is involved in disability awareness. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband and their two dachshunds, Cujo and Sugar.

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Current Releases
She was free! For the first time in her adult life, romance novelist Shay Carpenter has no responsibilities to hold her down. Now all she wants to do is to enjoy a new life and pursue her writing in the quaint little town of Ugly Creek. But things ar...
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Doggone Ugly Creek
Veronica Teal is no ordinary biochemist; she’s a vampire. When she’s summoned to a human murder scene at the request of the local coroner, she expects to do her job. Then she discovers the killer is a vampire and the victim’s brothe...
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Blood of the Innocent
Nobody knows how special Ugly Creek is, except the people who live there and guard its secrets. When journalist and ex-resident Madison Clark discovers an infamous muckraker plans to film a documentary there, she volunteers to interview him. Somebody...
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Secrets of Ugly Creek
If she can't believe what she sees, can she believe what she feels? When photojournalist Stephie Stephanova visits Ugly Creek, Tennessee to help her best friend, Madison, she expects a boring visit. Then she snaps a photo of something she ...
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The Ugly Truth
Kia must learn to trust—before the evil in her house destroys them all. For Kia Wolfe, moving to an isolated mountaintop is an act of independence from her demanding family and ex-fiancé. She’s literally dreamed about the regal ...
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Shadows of Evil

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