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In addition to romantic mysteries, Cheryl has combined her passion for writing and healthful cooking by publishing two cookbooks.  Her favorite activities— walking, sewing, cooking, reading, classic car exhibits, and motor home travel—figure prominently in her stories.  

Having visited all fifty states, plus parts of Canada and Mexico, she and her husband have settled in northeastern Florida (quite near her fictional Drake Springs) with their beloved poodle. Their modest home is surrounded by pines, oaks, and magnolias, and they’re often visited by deer, raccoon, rabbits, and hawks.  It's a perfect writers retreat.

Cheryl loves to hear from readers.  E-mail her at . 
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Current Releases
Sometimes coming home means starting over. *** Popular cheerleader Iris Porter had no time for geeky Lance George in high school, but much has changed in nine years. Lance has matured into a handsome, successful veterinarian while Iris struggle...
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Return to Drake Springs
Just weeks before his wedding, a young man finds his soul mate. Drake Springs Pharmacist Woody Fox and single mom waitress Tiffany Blair have a unique friendship: She’s not in the market for a boyfriend, and he’s off the market. He&rsq...
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A Dose of Romance
He’s a stranger she’s known most of her life. As soon as PI Nick Tomasi solves the most important case of his life, he can return home to New Jersey where he belongs. Kirby Foster feels as if she’s known Nick for years. Something...
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Foster Care
Taylor Drake wants her life back. She’s returned to her family home, suffering from the agoraphobia that has plagued her since she was brutally attacked in her apartment. Once a confident and successful photogra-pher, she now cowers behind c...
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Rebuild My World
When Sofia Desalvo enters the witness security program, she transforms her sleek, sophisticated image into nondescript English professor Elizabeth Stevens, hoping to quietly disappear in the safety of a small Southern town. Organized-crime boss Fr...
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