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Kelly Wild, an outrageously sexy tranny, shares nine of her most shocking 'sexperiences' with City of Angels author, Chris Burrows. The most revealing insider account, to date, of life among the myriad of 'creatures' in Asia'...
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Chris' Thai visa is due for renewal so he's back in Bangkok--and somehow Porn talks him into a train trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, over 700km away. Sitting together in the gently rocking carriage for hours on end, what better time than t...
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Ladyboys, Ladygirls and Those In-Between
Porn's finally installed Skype and bought a webcam; and Chris is her first contact request….and she can hardly wait to tell him all about some of the new, seductive tales she's been accumulating over the last month or so. More tal...
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Ladyboys and Lovers
Porn unexpectedly turns up in Hong Kong, and is coy about the real reason for her visit. With time to kill for a day or so, she catches up with Chris and they sit and recount and regale each other with seven brand new stories about people they'...
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Ladyboys Letting Go
As he's matured, Kelvin's come to realise that sex, sex and sex dominates our lives--whether we like it or not. He's come to accept that, from puberty onwards, all we really doing with our lives is looking for a mate, or mates. Male and...
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A set of eight short, erotic stories about some of the 'Brown Eyed Girls' Chris Burrows has met along the journey…, along the way of his eventful life. Chris has lived in various Asian countries for longer than he cares to remembe...
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Brown Eyed Girls
All Transvestites have to start somewhere and end somewhere; some start as crossdressers and stay there; some end up finally having gender re-assignment and living full time as women. What about those stuck in the middle -- where are they physic...
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Ladyboys in Bangkok: Posted to Bangkok, Chris Burrows, an English banker, takes no time working out where his priorities lie between ‘work’ and ‘play’ – and play comes out on top by a mile or so! Yet play seems to ev...
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City of Angels

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