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Writers are frequently told to write what they know. Chris Chegri knows romance.  A passion for humor, travel and foreign cultures has led her to work on a time-travel set in Morocco and a humorous crime novel set in east Texas.

Chris Chegri was previously a member of Sisters in Crime, Phoenix Chapter and Romance Writers of America. She also mentors several new writers. She grew up spending summers at her grandmother's home in Ormond by the Sea, just north of Daytona Beach, Florida. A sleepy, unpretentious seaside town, it seemed the perfect spot to relax, clear your mind, even fall in love. And so, she wrote Package Deal.

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  Sometimes TRUST is a four letter word. Kelly Pearson accepts a job in sunny Daytona Beach, leaving San Francisco's gloom and the pain of her past behind. A man's interest is the last thing she wants, but a mix up at the airp...
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