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Chrissy Munder writes contemporary M/M romance filled with everyday men and extraordinary passion to transport readers into their personal world of love, laughter, and desire

She is an avid reader, a wanderer of Michigan’s wilderness, and, while not in any particular order, a lover of lists, zombies, and bad sci-fi. She’s also perpetually behind on everything—except feeding the cat. There are those who might tell you she started writing LGBTQ romance as a way to justify her office supply addiction, but shhhhh! don’t listen to them.

After too many jobs in too many states she’s eagerly awaiting a far too distant retirement and the chance to become a full-time Lake Michigan beachcomber. Until then, she’s excited to share her love of romance, laughter, and happy-ever-afters.

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FREE READS IN A VARIETY OF LENGTHS - Please note, while all free fiction is rated PG-13, if posted on a link outside of my website the hosting site may contain content of a stronger rating.

BREAKFAST IN BED - part of the 2013 Dreamspinner Press Sexy Six Anniversary Celebration. Featuring the men of my short story BRUSH WITH DESIRE. 1083 words and available at the Dreampinner Press Blog

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Ever wonder just how Ed and Joe from THE SCENIC ROUTE met? 1500 words

LAZY SUNDAY MORNING - written and originally posted as part of the Clare London 2012 Free Fiction Day during her annual Birthday Bash. 100 word drabble

SECOND GLANCES - written for everyone who wndered what happened when Ed and Joe from THE SCENIC ROUTE reached his parent's house. 1200 words

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA - written for Cryselle's Bookshelf and her Thousand Word Thursday. 100 word drabble available at Cryselle's Bookshelf.

MADE TO BE BROKEN - written and originally posted as part of the Clare London 2012 Free Fiction Day during her annual Birthday Bash. 1100 words

And don't forget to pick your free copy of the Wishing on a Blue Star Anthology, including my short story, Through The Mist.

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Visit my Blog for Excerpt Thursdays. Every week I'll highlight one of my stories and post a new excerpt. 

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Current Releases
Summer is here, and the loving is easy! Slake your thirst for romance with Summer Lovin’—an anthology for lazy days and summer sunshine. Go skinny-dipping in a disused quarry. Hang out with the boys in the band. Meet a bad boy ...
Available Now!
Summer Hire in the Summer Lovin' Anthology
Mulled wine. Butterscotch kisses. Hideous sweaters. Candy at the beach, or a trip to a sex shop in Amsterdam. And the man of your dreams, wrapped around you... Winter warmers come in many shapes and sizes, from the tongue-in-cheek to the hot-...
Available Now!
Butterscotch Kisses in Winter Warmers - a seasonal anthology
When Rob Gentner's father dies, his partner David sees an opportunity to shed some light on a past Rob rarely talks about. Standing in front of the family-owned Laundromat that was a major part of his upbringing, Rob finally shares the story o...
Available Now!
The One That Counts
A Special Project by Dreamspinner Press & ManLoveRomance Press. Edited by Kris Jacen. With contributions by  Jaime Samms, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, ZA Maxfield, C. Zampa, Lex Valentine, Patric Michael, Karenna Colcroft, Tame Adams,...
Available Now!
Wishing on a Blue Star Anthology, edited by Kris Jacen
Part of the Dreamspinner Press 2010 Advent Calendar: College student Tom Molina isn’t too interested when his roommate Derek tries to convince him to leave his books and help out with the campus LGBTA Center’s annual Christmas cookie...
Available Now!
Better with Sprinkles
Part of the Dreamspinner Press 2010 Advent Calendar: All college student Adam Everett is trying to do is get to his sister’s house for holiday break. First his car breaks down, then his ride takes off to Vegas with his gas money, forcing A...
Available Now!
Reason for the Season
Read Review
It's the first time Ed Baldwin has ever taken his boyfriend Joe Sutton home to meet his parents, and nervous, he keeps trying to pick a fight with Joe to relieve his stress while they drive. When Joe's had enough they pull over in a very small town w...
Available Now!
The Scenic Route
Part of the Curious Anthology: Michael Vincent didn't know what to call it when his now ex-boyfriend, Derek, called him boring and predictable and took off leaving Michael with a week off work and his vacation plans in shambles. Rather than sittin...
Available Now!
Spontaneous - in the Curious Anthology
Angry and frustrated with his chronic illness, Vincent Poulsen moves into an old lighthouse to live out the few days he has left. After a dangerous collapse, he meets the ghostly Captain Cason, who shares stories of his distant past. In the process, ...
Available Now!
After the Storm
A heart attack leaves Miles wrangling with a slow recovery and a quiet retreat, just one cabin down from wounded warrior Drew. Although he's unhappy to have his solitude invaded, Drew finds himself fascinated with Miles, but he can't bring himse...
Available Now!
Start From the Beginning
Season's Greetings by Chrissy Munder  - Part of the Dreamspinner Press 2009 Mistletoe Madness Advent Calendar Roses are red. Violets are blue. If I ever got my hands on your fine ass, oh baby, the things I would do.  Russ Manners writes...
Available Now!
Season's Greetings
Rudy Haas dreams of becoming an "old goat," a sailor who's completed twenty-five races from Port Huron to Mackinac. But when his crew throws him off the team for being gay, Rudy has to find another boat and crew to have any chance of ma...
Available Now!
Fair Winds
** Part of the Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose - To Have and To Hold - A love story a day in the month of June** Frank wasn't sure what to think when Clark gave him a present in a little white box. It wasn't his birthday; it wasn't their anniversary...
Available Now!
A Simple Life
**Part of the Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose - To Have and to Hold - A Love Story a Day in the month of June** Jacob agrees to fill in as a wedding photographer for a friend, never expecting to come face to face with a ghost from the past: Alan, th...
Available Now!
Promise of the Heart
Las Vegas isn't just a glamorous, glitzy playground for high rollers, Elvis impersonators, and blushing newlyweds. It's also a seedy, worn-out dumping ground for the lonely, the broken, and the lost. Eric Moss is one of those drifters, just marking t...
Available Now!
Drive Me Home
Read Review
Things started out great for Devon and Jeff, but as time passes and their work commitments grow, so does the distance between them. As Valentine's Day approaches, it takes a stranger's advances and a friend's well-meaning interference to remind them ...
Available Now!
Milestones in the Reflections of Love Anthology
Meteorologist Grant Singer is having a hard enough time living up to his handle "Weather Guy Grant" and dealing with his fellow broadcaster's fans who use him as a way to get close to their idol.  After a particularly disastrous date h...
Available Now!
Stormy Weather in the Make Me a Match Anthology Volume Two
Dr. Nick Davros has seen John Turner twice now in the 24 hour Urgent Care Clinic where he works.  Despite their mutual attraction when John gets up the nerve to ask him out Nick still thinks that a relationship won't mix with his job.  Nick...
Available Now!
Third Times the Charm in the Make Me a Match Anthology Volume One
Returning to an annual conference without his long-time live-in boyfriend, not only does doctor Rick Page have to cope with his aversion to elevators but he discovers his lover had a secret he never suspected. Luckily, he meets a man who is...
Available Now!
Odds Are in the Mr. Right Now Anthology

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