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Christie Adams

When Christie Adams, author of erotic romance, isn't completely absorbed in the writing process, she's probably thinking about it - either the book she's currently working on, or one of the dozen other stories she'll have percolating away at the back of her mind, or creating the deliciously alpha male characters she likes to feature in her books.

In addition to writing, she also loves investing time in reading a good book, or browsing the internet in search of cute videos of dogs and puppies, a pastime that often helps with writer's block - or so she claims. On those rare occasions when she can tear herself away from the computer, she has a weakness for James Bond movies and romantic comedies - and she cries every time at the end of "You've Got Mail".

Good chocolate is also one of her passions in life, often accompanied by a glass of her favourite tipple, English sparkling wine. And if she can be persuaded to abandon her writing for a while, she finds that chocolate, wine and a good movie on TV is an excellent way to pass a dark winter's evening.

To find out more about Christie and her books, please visit her website.

Visit Christie Adams's website:

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