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Christina D Freeman

The pen name Suenammi Richards represents a style of romance that emphasizes understanding, commitment, and compassion. These are love stories that speak of social change and perceptions between the sexes. The focus is usually on multiple races, family types, and cultural identities featuring strong character archetypes.

A Dallas Texas native, the author is currently an administrative assistant with a Baltimore college. Her background includes visual art, graphic design, technical writing, stage performance, musical composition, and vocal performance. She began writing romance as a hobby as she completed her Bachelor's of Science in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Learning Technologies.

A Note From Christina D Freeman

Love stories rule the world if one thinks about the origin of storytelling.  Legends and folklore spoke of relationships and undying devotion to an idea beyond a person's own flesh.  What would Shakespeare have been without love?  I would like to tell modern stories of happiness, some in a very realistic vein.  Others will delve in fantasy, folklore, and myth.  But all will speak of the perceptions of romantic love in day to day life, and try to refine what was once thought to be worth dying for.


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