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Seagull wanted to soar just like her namesake, didn’t she? When she heads to Tokyo in search of herself, she is drawn into a world of mystery and miracles. Encountering many colourful characters as she travels, she is caught up in a dark underw...
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Ten Yen Tokyo
Amaya and Joumi meet, a few years after WW II has ended, at an American party in Tokyo.  It’s not easy to be a conquered Japanese citizen.  Both have done things to survive that they regret.Joumi and Amaya immediately form a bond, but...
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Ten Yen
Blue Caravan is the intrusion of the supernatural into normal life, whether you like it or not.
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Blue Caravan
Unexpected Journey is a historical novel set in England and colonial America in the 1730s. A wide gulf existed between people from different social strata. Lenape natives in Pennsylvania felt no love for white people who'd forced them from...
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Unexpected Journey

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