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Christine London was born in Chicago, Illinois, but left the long winters of the Midwest as a child to find her roots in the sun and charm of California, both North and South. Her adopted home became Great Britain when she spent a year of college in the east end of London with three male flat mates; one from each country on the main island. Her fascination and love affair with all things British has grown over the years, facilitated by summers spent trading houses.

Graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Chris continued with family, teaching, singing in a jazz sextet and running foot races (and winning) before discovering her true passion….the romance and adventure of writing.

It took one Scot to awaken her poetic appreciation of Scotland's natural beauty, and another Scot to ignite her passion for writing. Thank you, gentlemen.

A Note From Christine London

It was one of those July days, you know - warm & breezy, when I was revisited (for the umpteenth time) by my inspirational Scot. Sitting in an LA café wriiting a thank you note for a lovely day out with some new friends "in the biz" (LA-eze for film makers), it hit me - write a thank you note to your muse! So what if you've never met him - only knew of him via the media? So what if he doesn't read all the mail he gets through his fan mail screeners? It felt like the universe had connected us in some weird, mysterious way, so why not?...Go for it!

Thus, the idea for my first novel was born. I was officially bitten and possessed, simultaneously. All the hours spent as a teacher writing innumerable news letters, parent communiqués, professional articles and persuasive epistles took an immediate detour into the wonderful world of romance. In what other pursuit can a woman lose all track of time seeking the ultimate truth ~ in the end, love is what really matters.

To date, and six books later, I've only just scratched the surface of an endless sea in my soul. I fully intend on living to a hundred if only to discover the characters that inhabit the depths there.

A California girl since childhood I've lived in both bay areas - San Francisco and South Bay - LA. It was my year of study abroad that permanently divided my allegiance between the golden hills and shores of this state and my adopted home, Great Britain. The intervening time has only served to strengthen my love and ties to all things 'Brit'. Never without a composition book you can find me on the California beaches in winter, and walking the m

Current Releases
Aussie wine heir Bryan Lassiter wanted nothing more than to be a self made man. When online love Carrie Sorrell flies half way round the globe to visit him, she’d no idea his magnetism would erase both their fourteen-year age difference and ...
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When We Were Amazing
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Reluctant Companions
Kyle Matthews might have the music world by the horns, but when he loses out in love to his most famous client and best friend, he escapes into the wilds of the desert southwest on a restorative motorcycle trip. Will the hard driving, salty tongue...
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Hog Wild
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It’s love at first sight for rock star Colin Dunlow when he runs into sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, with a few complications. The woman of his dreams hates rockers and there’s someone who wants him dead. ...
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Shadows Steal the Light
    Film student Faith Holmes is on Italian holiday bought and paid for-- familial inducement to finding an Italian husband. Boredom and curiosity are a volatile mix, luring her into the heart of the island of Forio's exclusive ...
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Leap Of Faith
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  From the moment Aussie Internet entrepreneur Benn Morrison opened the California mystery writer’s solicitous message he knew she would change his life.  Classy, sexy and erudite, she defined desirable womanhood. Now six months on t...
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Before You Say Goodbye
       Grant Cooper is England's finest. He's on a four-year tour of duty as an exchange flight officer to the United States Coast Guard. Always the man in control, he's the model of the perfect Search And Rescue pilot. &nb...
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Against The Current
Christine Rose lives an ideal life in a beach suburb of Los Angeles with her husband, Leo. Whilst on summer break from her teaching responsibilities, Christine sees Hollywood's rendition of her favorite gothic romantic musical, featuring a mys...
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Soul In His Eyes
Kay Macara had journeyed a long way from her Redondo Beach home in Los Angeles to London to speak at the Earls Court Book Fair as Author of the Day. She was a bit more than nervous about revealing her true identity as Jaid Rumor, the world’s...
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Sunninghill Snow

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