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Christine N Fringer

Ms. Noelle has lived and traveled all over the United States and currently resides in Wilkes Barre, PA.

She holds an Associate Degree in the field of Criminal Justice.

Fascinated and intrigued by vampires, she began writing about them approximately 20 years ago when she came out with her first novel, "Angelique", self-published by Rose Dog Books under the pseudonym of Shannon Riley. Since then she has authored 6 more books. Three under the name of D.J. Ashton, and three under her current pen name of J.C. Noelle.

She is diligently working on her 7th book in the Immortal Desires series, and hopes it will be done this month so she can upload it to Kindle & PubIt and have it on sale as soon as possible.

She dreams of finding an agent so that her books can be carried on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, and other mainstream stores.

Current works to date are "Angelique" (Shannon Riley), "Immortal Destiny" (D.J. Ashton), "Immortal Justice" (D.J. Ashton), "Immortal Reunion" (D.J. Ashton), "Blood of the Vampire" (J.C. Noelle), "Immortal Decision" (J.C. Noelle), "Immortal Awakening" (J.C. Noelle).

Ms. Noelle has three grown children, one son and two daughters. She also has one granddaughter, a small dog, and two precious cats.

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Current Releases

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Immortal Vengeance
It was bad enough Aeryn had to wake up one day and find she was turned into a vampire by another vampire who wants to kill her, but now vampire assassin Tristan has to watch over her and make sure Mona can't get to her. Many years prior, Aeryn...
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Blood of the Vampire
Christina is feeling the pain of lonliness. Even though she lives with Dominic’s family and is constantly surrounded(by vampires) it’s not the same thing as a relationship. Her choices are extremely limited because she cannot bring a h...
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Immortal Decision

Available Now!
Immortal Awakening

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