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  Chris lives in northeast Ohio with his soul-mate Diane, two sons (Anthony and Brendan), and has six grandchildren (Sebastian, Miguel, Duncan, Keegan, Nathan, and Siobhan).  The residence is home to their pet cat Murphy (who is always under foot).  Much to the cat’s dismay Michaeledes the rat peers down from his cage (if he only had a ladder).  Michaeledes teases them as Chris writes nearby.  Chris is the published author of “The Truth About Vampires” it’s sequel “Rites of the Vampire Cult”, “Ghost Lover & Other Erotic Fantasies”, “Love Spell & Tales of Horror and Eroticism”, and "Nymph-omania" through Renaissance E Books.  
With Dark Roast Press, he is the author of "The Curse of Albrecht Manor", "The Hound of Doom", and "Those Dangerous Times" the first three of a seven book series chronicling the adventures of Noah Ravenswood and his sidekick Dr. Sarah Bookings.
Coming soon is "Jen's Tale" his first sci-fi/erotica told from the viewpoint of an interstellar spy who is investigating the truth behind Earth's Global Warming trend.
  A life-long fan of Robert E. Howard, Richard Matheson, and Stephen King the bookshelves at the Newman residence run the gambit from erotica to horror to spirituality to humor.  In fact, Chris hopes one day to inherit a library (or a castle with a library, that’d be nice!).  Surrounding his eclectic library is his collection of medieval weaponry, helms, and shields.  Woe be to the foolish mortal who tries to invade the Newman home.    

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A Note From Christopher C Newman

  Hello and welcome to my Author's page here on Manic Readers!  As you probably have guessed I'm a erotic/horror author with seven e-books currently on the market.  There are much more on the way, including a non-erotica zomie epic called "Uprising".  Feel free to email me via my website, MySpace, Live Journal, or here.  If you are interested in the day-to-day goings-on at "Ravenswood's Books & Artifacts" check out Sarah's MySpace page.  I'm am proud to be a  member of ERWA, EAA, and EPIC.  I support Preditor's and Editors, and many other authors resources here in cyberspace.  
  People always ask me, "Gee Chris, why do you write erotic/horror?".  The answer is simple, it is in these situations during extreme terror or dizzying passion that we are most alive.  Combining the two just seemed natural for me.  I like to call my style of writing "Erotic Nightmares".  
   So hang around, drop me a line, and enjoy my collective works!

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Current Releases
Pirate, lover and sea fox…Lady Vixen is her name!           "Pirate, lover and sea fox…Lady Vixen is her name!   Born into royalty, cast out due to a technicality, V...
Available Now!
The Swashbuckling Yarn of Milady Vixen: Book 3 of the Storyteller’s Series
In part 3 of the Ravenswood series, George Dabrowski has a problem, a very terrifying one. One Texas night he picks up a woman on his Harley on his drive east. That morning she is violently murdered in front of his eyes by a terrible, vengeful spiri...
Available Now!
Those Dangerous Times
Amelia Bainbridge has a great job, good friends, and a place of her own. But what she lacks is love, and she’ll only settle for true love. After attending her best friend’s wedding she is attacked by a terrible creature that means to din...
Available Now!
A Terrible Tryst of Fate
Imagine a world where the undead have been conquered and are now just another resource to be utilized. You go into your local DMV to renew your drivers' license. The clerk asks, What do you want marked for your Undead Clause? A No answer means upon y...
Available Now!
Olympian Sex and Magical Passion! Here is a trio of erotic fantasies by Christopher Newman featuring mortals who experience heavenly sex after meeting celestial women. The first novelette shows that a deity can be a Love Goddess, even when she is a g...
Available Now!
William Paterno is dead.   “Mama” Fonti, his maternal grandmother doesn’t buy the coroner’s verdict of a massive coronary.  The Italian matron suspects her grandson’s last girlfriend of arcane foul play.&...
Available Now!
The Hound of Doom
The women of the Albrecht family are cursed! For nearly three hundred years the hex uttered by a witch being burnt at the stake has stalked them down the centuries. Priests, herbal women, and even Inquisitors have been brought in to stop it from driv...
Available Now!
The Curse of Albrecht Manor
Ever Been Aroused and Scared at the Same Time? Be prepared for it to happen when you read this dazzling collection of four unique novelets that blend sex and horror. Christopher Newman, author of Rites of the Vampire Cult, gives a whole new meaning t...
Available Now!
Love Spells & Other Tales of Horror and Eroticism
Five Novelettes of Erotic Fantasy and Horror! A very special collection sensual and terrifying stories.  In 'Ghost Lover', we meet Ryan McDonald the only survivor of a car crash.  His wanderings lead him to a mysterious woman who takes adva...
Available Now!
Ghost Lover and Other Erotic Fantasies
The Cult of the Unholy Womb is no more and Lilith, the Mistress of Satan is now firmly entrenched in their countryside mansion.  She entertains herself nightly as she watches horrible acts inflicted upon those she allowed to live.  Cries of...
Available Now!
The Rites of the Vampire Cult
Erotic Horror with a BDSM Seasoning! Say you're a member of an exclusive and secret cult dedicated to offering yourselves as inductees for restoring the Vampire race. But you're wrong about them--horribly wrong. What would you do if you succeeded onl...
Available Now!
The Truth About Vampires

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