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Harry Dougherty is going home to South Carolina for the first time in ten years to put his parents' affairs in order after his father's recent death. What Harry expected to be an inevitable but simple chore turns into something much stranger,...
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Promises Made, Memories Kept
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In Industrial Age London, a young street thief named Gregory has the bad luck of becoming a small-time celebrity when he embarrasses the police. The tabloid press nicknames him the Gingerbread Man on account of his ability to escape capture, as well ...
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Catching the Gingerbread Man
  There are those who believe some good can come from magic, and those who believe it can bring only evil. Wil is a seeker, a hunter who devotes his life to destroying monsters and protecting humanity from reckless use of magic. Even thou...
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Burning Within
In the late 5th century, Erim Owenson and his lover, Adair, are making the journey across South Wales to Adair's hometown. Erim is meeting Adair's family for the first time and doing his best to be respectful even though he doesn't sha...
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Fierce Love
Jeff's best friend, Eric, is a gifted sorcerer and an officer in paranormal law enforcement. When Eric's identity is compromised, he has to ask Jeff for a very big favor: to trade bodies with him for one day. Jeff agrees, despite or ...
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