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What’s a girl to do when her best friend is making a mistake? Stop him, of course. College sophomore Emily Dilbert has been best friends with Dylan Chamberlain since they were kids. All she wants is for him to be happy and she knows him bett...
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A Kiss by Design
In the finale of the Golden Rule Outfitters series, small town business mogul Tommy Golden faces the biggest fight of his life. A corporate giant is threatening to commercialize the area’s quiet ski lift and change the fabric of the valley he c...
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Taming the Moguls
Olivia Golden is on the edge of her future, but there are two things standing in her way: a middle schooler with camera phone and drop-dead gorgeous Jack Forrester. Will Jack break his Golden Rule and let Olivia into his bed—and his life—...
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Guiding the Fall
Jill Jennings, a Colorado distance runner with big dreams and an uncertain future, falls hard for a summer fling. Tyler Bloodworth, a catch and release fisherman from North Carolina, hooks the one girl he won’t let go. Can Jill risk losing her ...
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Mending the Line
Long after crushing heartbreak turned Craig Archer away from women, beautiful piano teacher Allie Graves becomes his lifeline when he’s left for two weeks to watch his twelve-year-old niece and all hell breaks loose. Their unlikely friendship f...
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The Accidental Encore
When urbane architect, Phil Williams, must bring a woman home to quell rumors he's gay, his only choice is the one woman least likely to impress: his dowdy receptionist. Margot Manning has been secretly in love with Phil for years. She's j...
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The Sweetheart Hoax
MISCONCEPTION is the story of suburban Atlanta stay-at-home mom Pace Kelly and what happens when an unplanned pregnancy three years after her husband's vasectomy rocks her happy marriage. When her husband Jason turns up sterile, Pace tries to exp...
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hen magazine writer Kate Donovan is assigned to profile the building and architectural firm of her first and only love, she heads back to the South Carolina Low Country to face the demons she left behind. Nothing about Danny Flannery’s life is ...
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Heart of Glass
After being hounded by her estranged father just as her boutique shoe business is taking off, Atlanta’s Angelita Barros heads for the mountains of North Carolina where she couldn’t be a bigger fish out of water. The cabin she rents is per...
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Shoe Strings
Two years after her husband’s death, Sarah Woodward moves her boys away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Hailey, Colorado.  But Sarah doesn’t know a Colorado Senator has earmarked her ranch for purchase an...
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Dodge the Bullet
  Gwen Perry has the picture perfect life. Her photography business is booming, her husband Rob’s law career is lucrative, and after years of trying, they’re only a few months away from the birth of their first child. But fate...
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Angle of Incidence

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