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On the enchanted planet of Otherland, thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles is forced by a one-inch tall Flooglebopper to return with him to the center of Otherland in his cobamole. There he is required to defend the diminutive mining community's prec...
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Adventure Underground
When the black slaves are freed at the end of the American Civil War, Sammy sets out for Texas to follow his dream of becoming a cowboy. But his unexpected skill with a gun gains him a reputation he did not seek, and soon he must choose between two p...
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On his first day at the Learning Center on the enchanted planet Otherland (which is not far from planet Earth) thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles' personal flying zoomer is borrowed by a student named CJ, who takes off and flies to the mountains. B...
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Adventure in the Secret City

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