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Current Releases
When Chloe inherits her Great Aunt Antonia’s legacy -- a mysterious trunk filled with lovely lingerie -- her life takes an unforeseen turn. The beautiful old undergarments have magical powers -- and a mind of their own. For the first time in he...
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Possession Obsession
Demons from Hell are loose and among us. They shapeshift into handsome, virile forms and like everyone else they look for the perfect mate. But happily ever after isn't in their criteria. Some unlucky woman will meet her Mr. Right and never guess...
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The Nature of the Beast (Box Set)
Prim and proper Susannah Hatfield finds herself lost in the tunnels of an abandoned mine. In the darkness the only thing between survival and death is a man-beast that Susannah finds herself strangely attracted to. What harm could come of explorin...
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Deeper and Deeper
Dezzie is a modern day vampire with an ancient gift; the gift of blood testing. The talent is rare and she is one in a million to possess it. Unfortunately even that rare ability will not get her what she craves, the love of the vampire of her dre...
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Diary of A Vampire

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