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Cindy Cowles

I love to travel, to see new places and experience new things. I can't live without good music (almost any genre) or books (almost any genre). I enjoy cooking and baking, love to just take off and drive...and really get lost when writing a hot, steamy scene. I'm an introvert, more than a bit shy, but I like people. I could people watch for hours, thinking up wild ideas of what they might do, where they might go, what their lives could be like. And I love hearing from my fans!

A Note From Cindy Cowles

I write as Cindy Cowles and AnnaBelle Ashley, so you'll probably see both on my page if it's allowed. Hi everyone. It's great to be a member.

Current Releases
We all make mistakes, do things we regret. But sometimes, the mistake is so big that the regret chips away at you on a daily basis. What ifs and if onlys circle through your head like a broken record, driving you crazy. You feel as if there’s n...
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If I Could Turn Back Time
Candy loves her job at A Taste Of Heaven, but her home life? Not so much. Her fiancee is abusive and controlling and takes every dime she makes, keeping her trapped. Her family is no help, and neither are the cops.  But her life changes in an i...
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Candy's Captor, From Violence To Victory series #1
Things have steadily gone downhill between Tess and her husband. He won't hold a job for long, stays out all hours playing poker with friends. He even stooped so low as to videotape her in the bathroom and trade the footage for poker money. But t...
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Tess's Tale, From Violence To Victory series #2
With a baby at home and a husband who won't work, Katy works as a stripper at night. Her respect and desire for her husband waning, she has taken to sampling the buffet of willing customers at the club to sate her appetite...until one of her frie...
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Katy's Story, From Violence To Victory series #1

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