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Cindy Cowles

I love to travel, to see new places and experience new things. I can't live without good music (almost any genre) or books (almost any genre). I enjoy cooking and baking, love to just take off and drive...and really get lost when writing a hot, steamy scene. I'm an introvert, more than a bit shy, but I like people. I could people watch for hours, thinking up wild ideas of what they might do, where they might go, what their lives could be like. And I love hearing from my fans!

A Note From Cindy Cowles

I write as CL Rowell. Hi everyone. It's great to be a member.

Upcoming Releases
I have to be married by my twenty-fifth birthday or wait another five years to get control of my trust fund—and every female in town is throwing themselves at my feet, vying for the position of the future Mrs. Geoff Blanxart. Desperate, I lied ...
Available 12/13/19
Check Yes Juliet

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