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Clabe Polk is into a second career as a fiction author.  Retiring after more than thirty-seven years of professional environmental protection, including criminal law enforcement and criminal law enforcement training, Mr. Polk has taken his professional experience, scientific background, a lifetime of practical skills from designing and building houses to music, his love of reading, research and writing and combined them into action stories about real people told in a tongue-in-cheek style all his own.

He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters and the family’s cockerpoo named ‘Annie’.

Clabe’s creation, Poplar Bluffs, Georgia, hometown of Detective Mike Eiser is a community all its own. Margie over at Bertie’s Café is never without a friendly cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea and she has her ears tuned to take in whatever you’re talking about, so y’all come see us!

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A Note From Clabe Polk

Hi folks,

As a life long reader to whom reading has been a way life, it gives me great pleasure to contribute to to reading enjoyment everywhere. For that reason, I hope that you would try my books and would hope even more that you would enjoy them.

But whether or not the books you read are mine, the important thing is to read and enjoy it! Reading is one of the quickest and surest ways to gain knowledge and according to the old cliche..."Knowledge is power."

So be powerful! Read.

Current Releases
Fire on the Mountain, the latest book in the Detective Mike Eiser Series, tells the story of the destruction of the Haven family. The Havens, a family with roots growing deep in the muck of Southern mountain bootlegging have progressed from selling i...
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Fire on the Mountain
A long time ago, Angelica Vicetti did some very bad things with some very bad men. Now she’s built a new life for her family, far from Las Vegas. Now it’s all about to come crashing down. Angelica Vicetti of Las Vegas has become Ang...
Available Now!
Mark Bishop is a family man with a wife, a teen-aged son and too much month after the money runs out. He needs ways to stretch his money to make ends meet. He works at a midlevel job he has held for a long time. His wife, Carla, works for a wedding p...
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Road to Armageddon
Three interlocking, intriguing novellas of mystery and action starring Harry Morgan, an aging adventurer who still attracts trouble wherever he goes.  Collegial Conspiracy: An old friend, dying of cancer, has a last request for Harry: “...
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The Adventures of Harry Morgan

Available Now!
Lonnie Rafferty has problems. He is mentally and emotionally challenged; and he worships his big brother, Everett, his guardian and caregiver. He also has a compulsion he can’t control. Everett Rafferty is a real estate agent, Sunday School te...
Available Now!
Hot Summer Nights
Derek 100771 lives in a far future world where the human population has long exceeded the ability of the Earth to support it. Derek is a person who needs human contact and communication in a world where human interaction is controlled by computers an...
Available Now!
Ken Handly abuses women; and everyone else in his life. He abuses not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He has had whole string of illicit love affairs fueled by his own self-importance. Besides, his lovers, he abuses everyone he works with. ...
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Short Fuse
Detective Mike Eiser is a conscientious small town cop.  He takes he takes his friends and neighbors to heart. So when Mike’s partner and mentor, Charlie Bozeman is killed by a sniper right in front of Mike's eyes, in a town that hasn&...
Available Now!

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