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Claire Collins lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and their four children. She put aside her love of writing while she obtained a dual Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She has been writing for many years and recently was honored to be a semi-finalist of a Romance Contest.
She writes many genres and loves reading when she has the time. Her favorite authors include: Dean Koontz, Elizabeth Lowell, and Nora Roberts.
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Discovering Destiny was the last thing Andrew Greer expected. Alone in a desolate cabin, Andrew Greer was perfectly content to wait out the blizzard with his adventurous dog, Shadow, as his only companion. Fate decided differently. When Shadow discov...
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Fate and Destiny
Tysan Reynolds knows all about betrayal. Her only value in life is to be a weapon on the battleground of her parents’ bitter divorce. Refusing to remain a pawn in their games of revenge, Tysan finds herself living abandoned and alone. While mos...
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