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Claire Matthews began writing soon after her youngest daughter started school, after one too many episodes of "The View" put her at the brink of madness. After her first five stories were accepted for publication, Claire began to realize that this was more than just a hobby, and set up shop in the attic, with an old TV table, an ancient lap-top, and a well-worn thesaurus.


Focusing on short contemporary romance, Claire finds time to write between teaching political science at a nearby community college and caring for her two demanding daughters, her slightly neglected husband, and her anti-social dog

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Courting the Opposition

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Love Will Always Find You
Lainey Walker has a loving family, a bright future as a lawyer, and biological clock that's ticking like a time bomb. Medical issues make it necessary for her to get pregnant now, but without a husband or boyfriend on the horizon, she's on...
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Oh, Baby
It's summer in New York when Jonah meets Mia, who is on vacation from her teaching job in Tulsa.  They have the perfect summer fling, full of fun, and light on commitment.  Fast forward six months, and Mia is back in the Big Apple fo...
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Making Summer Last
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  Emma Whitten and Noah Jordan are high school teachers and best friends.  Emma is about to leave for graduate school in England, wanting to assert her independence after a nasty break-up with her longtime boyfriend.  Noah, a ma...
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Intimate Friends
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Torn between war and passion, will Ben and Amy find their way to each other? Amy Maddox is a young war widow in the winter of 1943 when she's hired to tutor Sergeant Ben Schuester in German. As their mutual attraction blossoms into love, t...
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Turn to You
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