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Clancy Nacht squeezes writing in amongst her web development day job, her husband, and her three feral rescue cats. Living in Austin, she indulges her love of indie music, photography, and constant influx of new faces a college town provides. With a major in Journalism, she has written for newspapers and magazines but did not delve into professional erotic writing until 2009. Since then she has been published by Loose Id, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Noble Romance, and Dreamspinner Press. She watches “House” for the House/Wilson moments, but secretly thinks House should get with Chase, considers sarcasm a fine art, truly believes the zombie apocalypse is coming, and watches a lot of porn.

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Current Releases
Cass Manning is a serial monogamist, grad student, and identical twin to Paul, a drug-addicted prostitute. Fleeing his unfaithful boyfriend, Cass returns to Houston after years away only to be drawn into danger before he's out of the airport. ...
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When Hank's father catches him in a not-so-innocent childhood embrace with the neighbor Hank's older brothers refer to as "Ladyboy Lindsey," he forbids Hank ever to see his best friend again and sends Lindsey home in tears. Later...
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No Tea, No Shade
Since vowing celibacy over a decade ago, history professor and classic car aficionado Edwin Blais's only comfort has been his dead partner's cat, Francesca. When she gets lost, Edwin's beside himself...until he meets the man who found ...
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You're Welcome. Love, Your Cat
Since they settled in L.A. to run their label three years ago, Jett's restless nature and Goldie's isolating fame have damaged their former closeness. Passion brings Jett home every night, but tabloid rumors and growing distance between th...
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Double Black
  In order increase his commission on a condo sale, realtor Marshall Albright accepts a bet that he can bed Luke Withers, a computer programmer and evangelizing member of a “true love waits” singles group...
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Celibacy NOW
Andrea "Andy" Gibbons and her boyfriend Mike have grown apart. Mike doesn't understand why Andy won't grow up and give up art. Andy doesn't understand what happened to the math geek she fell in love with. Neither is willing t...
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A Model Boyfriend
Richard Lynch is a 50-something executive with an ex-wife he's still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something. In his professional life, Richard's successful and in control, but his personal life consists ...
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I'll Be Your Man
Blake Brooks’s life is not going as planned. His wife kicked him out to move the nanny in, and his father disinherited him. The only haven he has left is his old boarding school buddy, Tyrone Edwards. It turns out Tyrone has a room all ready...
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The second Chris lays eyes on glamazon model Jason in a club, he knows he wants him. To his great surprise, Jason wants him too. In spite of being a model himself, Chris still feels like a gangly boy from Texas. After Chris sides w...
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Semi Precious Weapons
Handsome Julian Larson is a talented singer and dancer who performs in drag to make ends meet. So when his best friend needs a burlesque act at the last minute for a fireman's birthday party, he calls Julian. There, Julian dances for the birth...
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Le Jazz Hot
Billy "Goldie" Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he's harboring a terrible, career-killing secret: he's gay. Even with song titles such as "Astral Glider" and "Winking Brown Eye," few question G...
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Black Gold
Conrad Lloyd's father, Governor of an old west town, wishes his son wasn't so interested in inventing, or men, for that matter. It isn't until Conrad meets Ezhno, a Native American inventor, that Conrad thinks he can find sexual and intellectual fulf...
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A Certain Pressure in the Pipes
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Theo works day in and day out at the office, the lone live manager of the zombie crew. Then a new worker comes in, and Theo begins to suspect that the employee might actually be alive—because there’s no way Theo could find himself irresistibly and fr...
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Dead End Job
Deep in space, Geneticode's scientists hack genetic code, experimenting far from the prying eyes of ordinary people. Michael Fine, the colorless result of early hacks, is sent to these ships to discover who amongst clones, experiments, or scie...
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If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. At least that's what Brody tells himself. But even though he thinks he's happy, he's never forgotten John, his first love. Fate gives the two lovers a second chance; will either one of th...
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Working for tech support is a boring yet easy life for David Boyd. Everything goes smoothly - until he meets a wealthy and flamboyant homosexual, Matthew. After one night of debauchery, their worlds collide, and David knows everything will never be t...
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The Night Caller

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