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Claudy Conn

Hi everyone1

I am a mult-published author of regency and historical--over 40 books before I took a break.

Discovered paranormal and had to write my own. "Spellbound-Legend" the first in my Legend series deals with the Fae, Druids and magic.

"Shee Willow-Legend" was just released and I plan another three books in the series.

We have horses, and love to ride, garden, hike,swim and travel. Hope you check out my books. :) Claudy

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Current Releases
One goal consumes Chazma Donnelly: find the dark sorcerer who murdered her parents. When the trail leads her to Ireland, she takes a job cataloging a private library. But she doesn't expect to find a manor house that eerily echoes one in her d...
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  Her name is Nikki Walker, and she is a vampire slayer. She never thought she would have to use her slayer powers…but she does.   She is on the trail of an ancient and secretive vampire called Deadly Moon, and Nikki wants to ...
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TRAPPED-LEGEND   BJ is a Fios. She can see both the Seelie and the Unseelie Fae. The war between the Seelie and the Unseelie is heating up and BJ has been drawn into the fray. BJ meets Brian and he enlists her help, together they ...
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What do you do when your father wants to turn you into a vampire and the man who offers you protection has his own, dark agenda?   Shawna Rawley has no choice but to run. Pentim Rawley, one of the most evil vampires who has ever lived...
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  “Shee Willow-Legend”   Willow Lang is an artist working in a top art museum in New York City, when Shayne Bantry enters her life and offers her a job restoring his classic canvas paintings in his home, in Irelan...
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Shee Willow-Legend
Maxie is a modern day Druid Priestess. She doesn't want to be. She wants to be a normal gal and have a normal life. However, there is an ancient beauty who wants her dead, and if that wasn't enough to spoil a girl's day, the wall that ...
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