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Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books as well as internet short stories, poems, articles and reviews, he's also known as an accomplished speaker, trainer and small business consultant.

Mr. Bye's current projects include increasing his internet presence (due to a recent disability that keeps him pretty much home-bound) and writing a sequel to his novel, The Sorcerer's Key.

A member of the Manitoba Editors' Association (MEA), the Writers of the Woods (WoW), the Lake of the Woods Art Collective (LOWAC) and the Independent Authors Guild (IAG), he lives i the City of Kenora.
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A Note From Clayton C Bye

I'm looking for networkers and readers.

I encourage people who visit any of my links to comment on whatever they view.

It takes a lot of work to write and to network. The comments let me know it's worthwhile.

And, of course, please support independent publishing by buying my books or Ebooks. (All prices shown on this site are in US dollars)

I thank you in advance.
Current Releases
Technomage is author Clayton Bye's second installment of the dark fantasy FROM EARTH TO EDEN. Pursued by a cyborg sorcerer and the devil himself, Jack Lightfoot is forced to give up all that is human in an effort to find a way to sto...
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Bare Knuckle MBA is an exclusive new product that contains everything you really need to know about business. It's a stripped down paper warrior any company can use to improve profitability in a healthy and sustainable way.
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Bare Knuckle MBA
Canada like you've never seen it. This collection of articles is sure to entertain and inspire. THEME: Roads less travelled.
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The Contrary Canadian
Has fear or depression affected your lifestyle? Are you being overwhelmed by your challenges? Is the spectre of adversity guiding your decisions? Does it seem as if your dreams will never come true? Take Heart! Author and trainer, Clayton Bye, p...
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Getting Clear
Practical Techniques for Building The Future You've Always Wanted. ~Discover how to get excited about life again~ ~Unleash the power of dreams~ ~Learn a five step formula for success~ ~Find six words that can change your life~ ~A...
Available Now!
How To Get What You Want From Life
Harness The Power Of: Contrarian Thinking, Point Of View, Focus, Selling, Questions, Goals, Beliefs, Marketing, Inspiration, Emotions, Mastermind and Mentors.
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...Handbook for Success
The Garden of Eden isn't what it used be. Fallen gods have risen. Evil witches prowl the streets at high sun. Satan's acolyte has opened a door to Earth. Behind it all is tycoon and magicker Morgan Heist. He doesn't care about the repercussions....
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The Sorcerer's Key
MOTIVATOR AND AUTHOR CLAYTON BYE offers an easy to use system to help you get what you want from life. It was taken directly from his own personal success program, and comprises a set of one hundred choices (or decisions) he used on a daily basis to ...
Available Now!
The Hundred

A Peek Into the Life of Clayton C Bye

Kenora in the winter

Kenora in the winter
My former ride

My former ride
A morning walk

A morning walk
A wrong turn

A wrong turn

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