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I grew up with sisters, but have only one girl myself. We are outnumbered badly by 5 males, but we females still rule the roost by letting the boys believe they are. 

I keep my sanity in this crazy household with writing. Actually, like many authors, I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was very young. I just didn't realize how long it would actually take to make that dream a reality or just how much effort goes into it. Writing for me really is a labor of love because I simply don't have the time for it. I have to carve out little pieces of time in my hectic life. But it is so well worth it... and then to have other people love and enjoy my priceless beyond measure.  
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Eagles mate for life. When the eagles of Gaspar choose a mate, the Eaglekins they are each true-bonded with become mates as well. Hydeia’s eagle decides to mate at an inconvenient time. The attraction flowing between her and the Eaglekin male...
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Upon Eagle's Light
One life turned the Battle of Sunken Bridge. Not a history enthusiast, Bree doesn’t pay much attention while at the Civil War museum with her history-buff sister. Though letters behind glass and a multitude of initials carved into the Sweethea...
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The Sweetheart Tree

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