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In 1971, there was an eight-year old girl who aspired to someday become a combination of Barbara Eden and Cinderella. She was certain her future husband would someday appear. He would be on a white stallion, and steal her away to his castle...

I've since, grown tired of waiting. 

The anti-hero of my story, has steely blue eyes and dark brown hair that sweeps back from his chiseled face. The lecherous playboy throws the appearance of a successful 'gentleman'. However, his founding an academy for young women should come as no surprise.

At some point in our real lives, we've all met the likes of Jonathon Hartsdale. I still contemplate if the sexual relationship I shared with one, was worth the eventual pain it caused. Though surely, my personal inhibitions were lost in his arms, and my imagination continues to range free.

What I like about writing Jonathon's character, is that he has become the lightening rod that spares me from the lascivious acts that thunder through my mind.

Because of Jonathon, I am left with the innocent task of typing.

P.S. The photo is the cover of the soon to be released, Summer Studies (Volume #2 of Hartsdale Academy for Young Women).

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