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Current Releases
Spanking fans rejoice!   Colin, whose tales of tickling and foot worship have already garnered an enthusiastic following among discerning eroticists, now turns his tender attentions to the perverse pleasures of paddling.  THE SPANKI...
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The Spanking Club
Blurb Devyn was everything Price wanted in a mistress: beautiful, sophisticated, and cruel. She was willing to indulge his whims, his foot fetish, and, most of all, his passion for being bound and mercilessly tickled. But eventually the two w...
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Tickle Toy
Cara is a lovely woman with a slightly embarrassing weakness: the thought of being bound and mercilessly tickled terrifies her, yet also arouses her like nothing else in the world. Her dominant lover Brion is well aware of her secret and exploits it ...
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Laugh For Me

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