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Colleen Baxter Sullivan

I am the proud author of 4 published books, Lil's Way, Jade, Yolk and Gritty. I am presently working on my 5th novel. My novels take place in Montreal and I will try to continue writing about the city that I love.

I was raised in the Montreal area and have always loved to write. I was only able to follow this dream much later in life.

I am a wife...mother of five children, grandmother of five.

Current Releases
The second book of the “Adam Garwood Detective Series,” Adam is once again trying to find that perfect case. Nothing could have prepared him for his first encounter with Gritty. Garwood would soon be captivated by this homeless man liv...
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Adam Garwood did not realize that when Jillian Lambert walked into his detective agency, his life would never be the same. Yolk ventures into a twenty-year-old cold case that haunts Jillian. Adam Garwood did not realize that when Jillian...
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Lil is in the mental facility of Joliette prison in Montreal. She is being accused of murdering Jenny, her partner. Lil, as a young child, suffered greatly both at the hands of her abusive parents and later within the foster system. And as a result o...
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Lil suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Doctor Miller feels that based on her history and the knowledge obtained through this case study, there might be a glimmer of hope for her release. Lil brings us back to her early childhood an...
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Lil's Way

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