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My name is Collette Thomas.  I write erotic romance fiction.  I live in the Northeastern part of the United States where the weather can be unpredictable but never boring!   I've been writing these stories for a while now. 

I have two stories with Noble Romance Publishing; Deadly Secrets and Sex Toys for Naughty Boys!  

I have two erotic forensic thrillers with Damnation Books  ( titled Deadly Games and its sequel Deadly Affairs.  Great reads on that ereader you may have received for the Holidays.  Also available in the paperback version.

You can also check my stories at where you will find my mini series The Pleasure of Our Company, stories centered around erotic vampire tales. The first story is titled Tanya's Story and takes off from there introducing characters who work for a very unique Escort Service.  Information for all of my stories can be found in my Newsletter (




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About the book: Terror again wreaks havoc in the town of Todd Hollow. This time a rash of suspected arson fires result in the deaths of several of the town’s citizens. Join sexy Meghan Doyle as she works to uncover the arsonist’...
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About the book: Detective Jon Walker is facing a killer who's been targeting the women of his town (Todd Hollow). Helping him is the assistant medical examiner, Meghan Doyle. Meghan is quite familiar with loss and pain, and when the investig...
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Valerie Valenti dreams the same dream every night: night fantasies that have her reaching out to a handsome stranger, Russ Harper. When she meets sexy CEO Ross Hanley at a business meeting, she believes she has just met the man in her dreams. ...
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Sydney Morgan, single mother and financial advisor, wants the best for her physically challenged son. When his biological father re-enters her life, she realizes the secrets and consequential lies she has forced her son to live with may now destro...
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No More Secrets, No More Lies

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When a UPS box containing every imaginable sex toy available on the planet is dropped off on Avril Baxter’s front doorstep, her suspicions are confirmed -- her twenty-one year marriage is in serious trouble. No longer satisfie...
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Sex Toys and Naughty Boys
Despite having to always look over her shoulder in fear ofher abusive, stalker ex-husband, dance instructor Deirdre Clarke is working hard to put th epast behind her and start a new life. When she finds herself falling in love with her new landlor...
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Goin' Down - Book One
A contemporary romance that will touch the heart and lift the spirit. A heartwarming story of reunited love.   To read a blurb and reviews go to Treble Heart Books ...
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A Soldier's Fortune

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Visit Collette Thomas's website: http://www.newsletterofcollettethomas.blogspot.comu

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Collette Thomas

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