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Commander James Bondage is an ordinary sort of man, a retired criminal lawyer and the father of two children and a chinchilla. His legal training is the source for the background of the By Judicial Decree series. He also holds a Master's Degree in European History and is an avaricious consumer of books about military history, which may in part explain, the Cadet series books. He has also written an alternate history of the First World War (under a pseuodonym, naturally!), and is currently at work on  a third sequel.

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Available Now!
Cadet 3: General Staff (2nd edition)
When Elinor married the sickly billionaire Sidney Collins, she expected to inherit his fortune soon afterwards. But when the old boy stubbornly refused to die, she and Sidney’s equally impatient girls cook up a scheme to help him on his way. Bu...
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Swallowed by the Sea 3: Hostile Takeover
Cadets gathers the three novels of the Cadet series into a single volume. The stories are set in an alternate America which is ruled by the military establishment. In this America,women have been excluded from serving until the story opens, in the ea...
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Cadets: 3 Complete Novels

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