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Why did you decide to become an author, and specifically writing romance?

I don’t think it was a conscious decision, I think it’s in my blood. I’ve always had stories running around in my head, waiting to be written. Last year I made the decision to get serious about becoming published and as soon as I did I found others took me seriously as well. Now that I’ve made that decision I feel satisfied in a way that I never have before. Writing fills a need for me like cooking or gardening might do for someone else.


I decided to write romance because I love a happy ending! Seriously, who wants to read a book that ends badly or the guy doesn’t’ get the girl? What’s the point of that? I’ve rewritten the ending of Romeo and Juliet because I hated the way it ends. Love the story, hate the ending. Romance is meant to end on a happy note. So what if real life doesn’t always happen like that? Isn’t that why we read? Do get away from real life? Besides, wouldn’t’ it be great if we could all have our happy endings?


While Anne of Green Gables found her bosom buddy in the looking glass, I found mine in books. It wasn’t long after I learned how to read that I was making up stories of my own. No matter how a story begins, all my stories must end with ‘happily ever after’.


After years of waiting I finally got my own happily ever after with Mr. Right, two children and a mismatched set of dogs.  Avoiding housework as if it were the plague, I spend days sitting at my computer and writing romantic fiction. I call it work if anyone asks.

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Exerpt from Past Destinies

    “Why did you kiss me?” Elizabeth demanded, twisting her hair into a makeshift bun and shoving her hat back on her head as she glared at him.
    “I wanted to show you I knew you weren’t a boy,” he said.
    “Just because I like kissing you does not give you liberty to make free with my person,” she said.
    “You like kissing me, huh?” Doug couldn’t help the huge grin he felt spreading across his face.
    “Don’t get excited,” she said wryly, opening the stall with her horse inside. “I like kissing Black, too.” Reaching forward she pulled the big stallion toward her and kissed the middle of his nose. He responded with an affectionate nudge that almost pushed her onto her backside.
    “You didn’t just compare kissing me to kissing a horse.” Doug’s mouth dropped open, and he choked back a laugh.
    “I did.” He could hear the laughter in her voice. “I’m still not sure which of you is the better kisser.”
    “If you expect me to just walk away from a challenge like that you don’t know anything  about men.” Doug pulled her back into his arms and tipped her grinning face up to his again.

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