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From his arcane lair in northeast Texas, Corbett Buchly scribes fictional narratives about alien technology, sorcery and steampunk. And poetry.

In 2016, he released the first book in his children’s series Spit Mechs – a fun science-fiction adventure (now with two volumes). Stay tuned for his second children’s series Squint & Rocket – a 30s-style pulp adventure featuring zeppelins and the lost treasures of ancient civilizations.

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Current Releases
In this humorous, adventurous sequel to Spit Mechs, genius fourth-grader Newton Beam and his friends, Jorge and Jane, don their super suits yet again. In the first book, the three kids were the accidental recipients of three alien super suits and cal...
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Spit Mechs 2: Baz Ball
Preoccupied with his school talent show, fourth-grade genius Newton stumbles into his mother’s super-secret government experiment. When things go amuck, Newton and his best friends Jorge and Jane become a trio of reluctant heroes in alien super...
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Spit Mechs

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