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Corie Calcutt

A lifelong Michigan resident, Corie L. Calcutt has been writing off and on for several years.  She enjoys mysteries, crime thrillers, and suspense works, and hopes to one day tackle the full-length novel as a genre.  The BA in Creative Writing she earned recently has also been helpful in her pursuit of better writing.

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Current Releases
Gary and Don are looking forward to celebrating the holidays: party planning, tree trimming, and getting ready for a visit from their son Josh. For Gary, however, the memories of past Christmases are beginning to fade, falling casualty to a cruel ...
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Christmas, Past and Present
Luke Dayton, a sophomore at a Virginia college, is walking home from the corner store when out of nowhere a man literally snatches him from off the street. To his horror, Luke learns that the man is a recent prison escapee - and that his plan to k...
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Kyle and Austin's vacation plans go horribly wrong when they become the victims of a home invasion by a group of bank robbers. Rather than simply steal their belongings and run, the criminals choose to hold the couple hostage in their apartment until...
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Hostages at the Kitchen Table

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