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Cornell DeVille decided to become a writer when he was in the third grade.

However, that aspiration had to be postponed for a few decades while he made a living as a graphic designer, art director, and production manager for Sprint. When his division was sold, Cornell was contacted by J P Morgan to serve as a project manager in their Strategic Communication Division.

After enduring a few more years of the daily grind and the crazy politics of the corporate jungle, he returned to a world he could control—creative writing.

Recently contracted with Musa Publishing, Cornell has two novels coming out in the near future. A young adult thriller, Lost in the Bayou, will be released in December, and Cannibal Island, a steampunk adventure, will follow it in March of 2012. Rings of Time, the sequel to Cannibal is currently in progress.

Cornell writes out of his office in the Kansas City area.

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Current Releases
A dark secret is hidden in Morro Bay! Summer in Morro Bay can be boring when you’re thirteen. But boredom disappears when Grant Parker and his two friends unearth a mysterious chest that has been buried for over 300 years. The ancient spell ...
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Two Hearts
Lost Spirits are haunting Skullhaven. And Lilly can see them! Skullhaven Cemetery is across the highway from Sacred Heart Orphanage, where Lilly has lived for the past seven years since her mother mysteriously disappeared. Lost spirits haunt Skullhav...
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I'll never forget my father's dying request: "The disk is near Lima. Find it!" The Conquistadors never found the Treasure. Long before the Spaniards arrived in Peru, the Incas had built a massive pyramid on a fog-shrouded isl...
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Cannibal Island
  People disappear in the bayou. And that’s exactly what fourteen-year-old Robin Sherwood needs to do — before her Uncle Conrad snips her toes off.   When her parents’ private plane disappears in the Voodoo ...
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Lost in the Bayou

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