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Cotton Carpenter is the literary Jane of erotica...rather, she's your Jane of all genres with the consistent theme of erotic scenes. Hot, historical romance...fiery sci-fi...vampires that give new meaning to the term "blood lust" urban lit with complex characters you wish were your BFFs...there's no telling what she'll write next! And if you're not quite sure if you should give Ms. Carpenter's works a try, many of them are short stories you can devour in one sitting.

Ms. Carpenter loves looking at things from a different perspective, researches many topics to bring as much reality to fictional stories as she can, and hopes to make you laugh (unless the story is supposed to make you cry.) In addition, she loves to interact with her readers via social media and has been known to give shout-outs to fans or even name characters after them.

Ms. Carpenter currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her children and many, many, beloved books.

Current Releases
When Crimson Green, the budding fashionista, went to Club Panacea with her best friend Chantal, she thought she'd only be celebrating her big break. What she didn't expect was to fall in love and make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Did ...
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Find a Penny
Ex-soldier-turned-mercenary Journey Dove was as hard as they come but then she was assigned to guard the heir to a prominent Kuwaiti family. With close quarters and a culture clash, sparks fly as Dove finds herself feeling things for the man she must...
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Heart like a Tumbled Stone
Just when Kingston was about to give up on the slim pickings at the club that night, Lavish walked by and intoxicated him with the scent of fresh blood. Mother Nature made a surprise visit and ruined her evening, but was it really ruined? Kingston wa...
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Thick Blood
Master Ralph may own Curly's body, but she gave the new slave, Gus, her heart. What will the master do when he finds out? Will he stop calling on Curly and find someone else to act out the images from the drawings of that nasty picture-book he ha...
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Of Bondage and Freedom

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