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I have always written, but have not always considered myself a writer. I make the distinction on purpose. I have written many short stories, portions of larger works, but while my friends have been enthusiastic supporters I have not ever finished a novel, nor had the courage to seek a wider audience.

When I began writing The Other Half, I knew right away it was different. The story seemed to write itself through me and would not let me rest until it was complete. I learned so much in the process and made some very good friends who helped me revise and edit my draft. When it was complete, my early readers encouraged me to make it available for others to enjoy as well.

I don't know if this will be the beginning of something wonderful, or a quiet descent into obscurity, but in either case I am content. I have written something I love and that makes me proud. I have had the courage to share it with the world. Nothing that happens now will ever take that away. Thank you all for sharing this moment with me. I am forever grateful.

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Julie Polk had a hard life. She couldn't afford college, lives in a tiny apartment with her mom, Lily, and works three jobs just to pay the bills. A chance encounter with Jack gives her a glimpse at how the other half lives. When Julie mee...
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