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I am a published author of romance and erotica.  I love to read, I love to write and I love to spend time with my daughters in the sunshine.  Visit my website to see more about me.
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It is my greatest wish that I will provide escape and enjoyment to readers.  Check my blog for contests and fun
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Current Releases
When erotic romance author, Mariah finds herself lost in the middle of the jungle she has many concerns, however, vampires werewolves and one sexy eagle-man warrior are none of them. When she discovers the existence of all three in a single terrifyin...
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The Writer and the Warrior
Book one in the Female Fire Fighters Series Meet the girls of the South Beach Firehouse, and the rookie who heats things up… Violet can’t believe her luck when she gets hired on as a rookie in an all girl firehouse on the bea...
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South Beach Rookie
Irresistible magic in a tempting body. Callie’s body is the perfect hiding place for the magic of the fairy realm. Malia is the perfect guard for her body against the demons determined to have the magic for themselves. Malia can’t ...
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Realm of Passion
This sweets shop has something to satisfy every desire. The temp agency sends Tawnie to a high end sweets shop. She doesn’t expect to be tempted by so much more than just chocolates. Two men and a chocolate orgasm later she may be ready ...
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Temporary Treats
Born into a world of immortal creatures, Alexia is a one of a kind hybrid between her vampire mother and werewolf father. Shunned by both species, she is alone in her world, wishing only to be human and for once, truly accepted. Ian, a werewolf from ...
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Keeping Blood
Lilly wants the life she was promised and a love she deserves. When Myra shows up and magically fixes everything that is wrong with Lilly's life, Lilly is willing to suspend belief for a chance at passion. But will the price to keep it be too high?
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Lilly's Turn for a Rose
Zyra is dating a Vampire who is completely obsessed with her, but now that the newness has worn off she realizes it’s nothing more than great sex. She wants more. She wants the true love she knows will last her throughout her immortal days and ...
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Blood Visions
Amelia lives each day with the knowledge that she will be killed on October 31st, her twenty-second birthday, only to be reincarnated one hundred years later. While alive she is haunted by dreams of passion she is never able to experience and death s...
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Reincarnated Death Wish
Kayla goes to Hawaii looking for an escape from her divorce and impending thirtieth birthday. She gets an awakening of a gift of dreamed foresight her grandmother claimed to have, and Kayla had always shunned. When Kayla dreams of her destined lover ...
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Dreamed Destiny
When Violet is forced to choose between herself and her father’s treasured amulet she makes the green-eyed captain an offer he can’t refuse, a treasure hunt, with her as his guide. Trevon is out for revenge but something about the defiant...
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Treasure of Flowers
Jasmine Jones doesn’t believe in love, or the power of the objects she is hired to find. She uses her secret ability to be the best thief around, better even than Cole Grubman. A super smooth thief who shows up on the same trail as her, more of...
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Lover's Stone
Angeline is devastated at the loss of her father and cannot believe that she is being sent away at his request. She is to live with his friends, whom she has never met, and make a proper marriage that she does not desire. Fate puts her in the care of...
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Pirate's Savior

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