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I have been writing since I was old enough to scribble bad, I mean really bad, poetry to my mom in the kitchen.

When I was 12 I discovered my first romance novel, read in stolen moments in the bathroom when my mom wasn't looking. After that everything went down hill.

I now write my own dirty romances and I love every minute!

Current Releases
 Professor Lucas Slate is sexy and smart and can have any woman in the world. What could he possibly want with his size-fourteen best friend, Kissa Nazir?  When he asks her to go with him to London for the Christmas season, she thinks it is...
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Kissa Under the Mistletoe
  Welcome to Mount Olympus, Sin City’s most opulent casino resort. Here you will be servedthe finest food, the most decadent wines, and every desire you crave. All provided for you by Dion Eliades, owner. And just like most things i...
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Betting on a God (1Night Stand series)
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When her father is brutally murdered in front of her eyes, Marian of Locksley is thrust into a world of treason and greed, where the ultimate prize is the throne of England. Left with little choice, she disguises herself as Robin of the Hood, an o...
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The Hooded Man
Historical threesomes - who imagined how hot this subject could be? In this delightfully wicked anthology, you'll find threesomes of all types from a range of historical time periods and settings. Hot M/F/M cowboy menage? It's here. Wild M/M/M me...
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Once Upon a Threesome
When fiery and voluptuous Gloria Grant is betrayed and jilted by her fiancé, her future in Las Vegas looks bleak. Only the land of her youth can save her injured soul. Returning to the lush Kona coast of Hawaii, Gloria tries to help her great ...
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Kona Warrior

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