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This is book nine in the Were Chronicles series, see the full series listing here   Alpha Council Representative Kurt Moore has his hands full with his investigation into the Church for Humanity…and that’s before he meets the ...
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Pack Council
Haunted and on the run, Piper must decide—trust Jace with her secret, or leave, breaking both their hearts? Ex-Marine Jace Anderson has followed orders his entire life. Now free of the bonds that held him, he has started over in a new town...
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Last Call
Book Eight in the Were Chronicles series. The best hunter for the wolf shifters has met his match when he’s introduced to the small town human who captures his attention and heart. Clint Price is enjoying his temporary assignment wit...
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Pack Hunter
Book Seven in the Were Chronicles series. The shifter world has announced their presence…and now must deal with the consequences. Mike Jackson knew when the other members of his military unit started finding mates that his life woul...
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Pack Daughter
Book six in Were Chronicles Series A pack divided…brought together by love. Nikki Stratton returns to her Pack to find it split in half between the new Alpha and the older members of the Pack. Worse, there is talk about her oldest ...
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Pack Mates
Book five in the Were Chronicles Series A wolf and bobcat come together and change one community, forever. Grayson Mason is worn out and run down from the long months on the road in search of the feline Prince. All he wants is to finish h...
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Pack Community
Under the full moon, backed into a dark alley, hunter and hunted collide...and sparks fly. MacKayla Smith hunts against her will, but it is the only way she can keep her loved ones safe. She does what she has to do until a chance encounter in ...
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Vampire Hunter
  One moment in time will bring two people together and change the destiny of a city. Vampires are running wild and it is Grant’s job to keep his own kind in check. The warrior of choice, Grant quietly works with his team...
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Vamps in the City
Book one in the Secrets Series Sheriff Katy Rose has been running from her unique gift for most of her life- but one man won’t let her run from him. When Katy left the F.B.I. and returned to her small hometown as Sheriff she thought...
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The Shifter and the Dreamer
Book two in the Corporate Wolves Series A wolf shifter known for his control will be tested by his two mates. Shawn King had a plan—Return home and claim the man he’s always known was his mate. But Kyle Moore has other pla...
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Losing Control
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Book four in the Were Chronicles Series    The Rogue meets the Alpha… and their worlds explode.    Rogue Kiley Palmer doesn’t have a pack. Although deep down, she does want to be part of one, she tries to c...
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Pack Rogue
Sometimes Fate brings two people together—but it’s just up to them if they let their hearts rule or give into their fears. Marcus finally makes it back home after the worst case of his career. He’s looking forward to some quiet ...
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Fated Love

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