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Current Releases
Second in the Revved Up series.   The reality show Revved Up has made Kasen’s Kustom Automotive a national sensation. For garage co-owner Jesse Kasen, the only fly in his ointment is Lola Adams, the show’s producer. The li...
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All Tangled Up
Selina Grayson is a cop with a reputation for being cold and ruthless. She's also an elf who's lived a long, long life, and knows there's a good reason for the laws that Magickal races have to abide by. Now an old case has resurfaced: ...
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Night Games
"Dream Catcher" by Kate Douglas: She comes to him at night in dreams of carnal pleasure. Real or imagined, Mac doesn't know and doesn't care. For his body throbs with a need that only his mystery lover can satisfy..."Taken B...
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First in the Revved Up series.   There’s nothing Andi Manning doesn’t know about cars. Working at Kasen’s Kustom Automotive is a dream job, and it’s even more fun now that they’ve turned the garage into R...
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All Revved Up
As newly appointed heir to his Pride, Tomas Montoya struggles with both his new duties and his new mate. He craves the dark and dangerous pleasure he finds with Ciri but wonders if he can ever satisfy her need for more...Teresa Garcia has seen how...
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Prowl the Night
Love is the only thing she can?t escape? Forbidden Passions, Book 3 Ecstatic that she?s found a place to hide?and a job?at Refuge Resort, Cleo Nemean toasts her escape a few too many times and ends up having a one-night stand with a seriou...
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Fleeting Passions
Enemy mine… Forbidden Passions, Book 1 Lyra Marcus tries to avoid her werewolf family’s political entanglements. Instead, she heals the wounds of the never-ending border skirmishes between lycans and wereleopards. It’s a bitt...
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Stolen Passions
There’s only one man she needs to believe in. Him. Unbelievable, Book 1 When it comes to her love life, the name of Aubrey Mathison’s coffee shop says it all: “Bean There, Done That”. There’s only one harmless...
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If You Believe
Love might need a little push…or a good, swift kick. Unbelievable, Book 2 Tori Chambers. Old biddy, gossip, busybody and meddler. Except in reality she’s none of those things—she’s a guardian angel who specializes ...
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Believe in Me

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